Volunteering is a great way to see first hand how the One People Reggae & Arts Festival is run. If you’re interested in working at our music festival, volunteering gets your foot in the door. You also meet incredible people, learn new skills, and of course, free music festival tickets. Below are the available One People Reggae & Arts Festival volunteer positions at this event. Each volunteer will choose ONE position, subject to availability.

DURING SHOW CLEAN-UP/TABLE BUSSER Volunteers must commit to a 6-hour shift. Volunteers will be picking up loose litter off the ground, cleaning picnic tables and working with the One People Festival staff to sweep the venue and vending areas. This position involves stooping, lifting and consolidating large bags of recycling and refuse. Volunteers may also spend a portion of their shift sorting material to maximize waste diversion from the landfill.



How do I volunteer at the festival?

Every festival has a different application process. Click on the red “volunteer” links below and they should take you to the specific application or where you can get more information.

What is the age requirement to volunteer?

All volunteers must be 18 years old.

How much time must a volunteer commit?

Volunteers will be required to commit to volunteering for the full required hours (During Show Clean Up/Table Busser [8 hours], Post Show[2
hours]) at the event.

What are the perks for volunteering?

A full event pass, an amazing behind-the-scenes experience and the satisfaction of knowing that you assisted in diverting as much waste as possible from the landfill!

What is the process to confirm a volunteer position?

STEP 1: Complete Application! This application is for One People Reggae & Arts Festival. Everyone is automatically accepted as long as they are at least 18 years old! Please note – One People Reggae & Arts Festival reserves the right to refuse acceptance to any volunteer at their discretion including volunteers who have previously failed to fulfill their volunteer opportunity at a previous event.

People about us

People Support Good Reggae Music: This is just the beginning of plenty more great shows

Ras Mahddy, South Carolina

I’ve been missing that festival experience, and for this to be coming to my town is a dream come true.

Anna Stewart, Longs South Carolina

It’s a good look for the Roots & Culture lovers in the area.

Donald Hemingway, Loris South Carolina